TechWise Starts Fourth Hiring Our Heroes Cohort

Hiring veterans helps TechWise obtain people with great commitment, work ethics and discipline. We are always looking for quality candidates. Prior service members are especially welcome as we value their knowledge and experience. The Hiring Our Heroes program gives exiting veterans the opportunity to intern at companies before leaving the military. We talked with Lindsay Tepleskey, the Program Manager at Fort Carson to learn a little more about the program and how the partnership with TechWise has grown over the years.

How did the partnership with TechWise Start? The partnership was started by Rachael Chapparro, who was responsible for the first US Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes Program. A TechWise employee met Rachael through the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance and started communicating. They discussed if TechWise could provide a transition seminar at Fort Carson for the Hiring Our Heroes program. While preparing for the seminar TechWise learned more about the Hiring Our Heroes program and how they could participate. TechWise was part of the first cohort and has participated in every cohort since.

Has the partnership with TechWise helped to grow the program? TechWise has been an incredible supporter of the Corporate Fellowship Program since its inception at Ft. Carson in January 2016. TechWise helped spread the word and successfully recruited other local companies to join the program, thereby creating more opportunities for transitioning service members to participate in the Fellowship with a host company. Our current cohort has 16 participating host companies, more than ever before, and this growth is no doubt in part due to the support of TechWise.

What feedback have you had from previous TechWise Fellows? TechWise Fellows have unanimously agreed that TechWise rolls out the red carpet as a host company. In addition to providing an organized, comprehensive orientation for incoming Fellows, TechWise goes above and beyond to integrate their Fellows into the day-to-day operations and culture of the company. J Chesney (TechWise General Manager) also takes the time to provide personalized mentoring for each Fellow who participates in the program.

How do soldiers apply for this program and what are the qualifications to be accepted? They can check out all of the requirements for application and more info on our website at Transitioning service members (any branch) and interested host companies can reach out to me (phone or email) for more information!

Lindsay L. Teplesky – Program Manager

Hiring our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

1638 Elwell Street

Building 6236, Room 106


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