Posted by | November 26, 2018

I/ITSEC 2018 starts tomorrow! Join TechWise at the Serious Game Showcase and Challenge booth (2481) and see the 2018 serious games finalists! Shawnee Starr, TechWise’s CEO will present the 2018...

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Posted by | November 23, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: Prism

Prism Prism follows the story of a fox that meets a number of animals on its quest to save the forest from an impending flood. It puts the player in various...

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Posted by | November 22, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: SimInClass

SimInClass SimInClass is a 3D classroom simulation, which aims to improve classroom management skills of pre-service and in-service teachers. The simulation gives an opportunity to pre-service and in-service teachers for...

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Posted by | November 21, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: Joko’s World: Pocket Planet

Joko's World: Pocket Planet Pocket Planet is a children’s game which turns our planet into a puzzle. Playing as Joko, children help find Joko’s missing alien friends that have gotten...

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Posted by | November 20, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: SimuSurg

SimuSurg SimuSurg is a mobile app which simulates minimally invasive surgery in an engaging, fun and interactive way. Players navigate through different levels and difficulty ratings in order to hone...

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Posted by | November 19, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: Thin Line

Thin Line Thin Line is a narrative based VR game that allows healthcare providers take the perspective of a woman who is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. By interacting with...

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Posted by | November 18, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: SimScientists Ecosystems Games

SimScientists Ecosystems Games As part of an NSF-funded project, WestEd and IAI are developing two games to serve as formative assessments for an existing SimScientists middle-school curriculum that includes simulation-based...

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Posted by | November 17, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: HoloLAB Champions

HoloLAB Champions HoloLAB Champions, a virtual reality (VR) game about chemistry lab practice, provides students with a safe, fun space to practice basic lab skills. Gameplay occurs at a virtual...

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Posted by | November 16, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: Incident Commander 2

Incident Commander 2 Incident Commander 2 is intended to serve as a game-based exercise tool for crisis responders who are familiar with the Incident Command System but want to make...

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Posted by | November 15, 2018
SGS&C Featured Finalist: Dental Madness

Dental Madness The coordination of using a dental drill in the user’s right hand and a dental mirror in their left is a difficult to master technique. Even dental professionals...

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