Posted by | July 16, 2018
TechWise presenting at 2018 Serious Play Conference

TechWise is proud to present at both the Manassas, VA at George Mason University (Thursday July 12) and Buffalo, NY (Thursday July 19) sessions of the 2018 Serious Play Conference....

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Posted by | May 23, 2018
Steven DeAnda wins TechWise Superior Performance Award

Shawnee Starr (CEO, TechWise), Steven DeAnda (TechWise) and F. Michael Hayes (Project Manger, Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC) Steven DeAnda won the TechWise Certificate for Superior Performance Award for his support of Ft....

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Posted by | May 22, 2018
TechWise’s Anthony Layton Honors WWI Soldiers

CAMDEN POINT, Missouri — Anthony Layton believes a long memory to be essential, especially when it comes to honoring those who have sacrificed for their country. The retired Army colonel...

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Posted by | May 15, 2018
SoarTech SquadMate Support

On May 10th and May 15th TechWise (Cheryl Pugliese, Emma Pugliese, Wendy Robinson, Lauren Toledo, Joseph Molina and Lei Carter) provide SquadMate exercise support with SoarTech at the Lockheed Martin Waterton...

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Posted by | May 14, 2018
Ft. Bliss Superior Performance Awards

Reid Etheridge, Kevin Alexander and Harold Parham were awarded the TechWise Certificate for Superior Performance for an outstanding job during the Ft. Bliss Air Traffic Control Arms inspection.

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Posted by | May 9, 2018
USAREUR Threat Mitigation Team, Wiesbaden, Germany

Tony Layton, Senior Program Manager for  TechWise North America, recently received this feedback re: TechWise's contribution to the USAREUR Threat Mitigation Team initiative in Wiesbaden, Germany: "All reports from USAREUR senior...

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Posted by | April 9, 2018
National Simulation Center at Leavenworth, Kansas

Shawnee Starr (CEO) recently visited with Tony Layton (Program Manager) and the team at the Regional Simulation Center of the National Simulation Center (NSC) in Leavenworth, KS.

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Posted by | April 6, 2018
TechWise CyberPro Game with SecureSet

As part of our growing effort to help align cybersecurity capabilities across Colorado Springs, TechWise recently facilitated a session of our CyberPro Cybersecurity Serious Game with the amazing team from...

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Posted by | March 3, 2017
TechWise Launches Serious Game Initiative

TechWise is proud to introduce a new line of serious gaming to complement our already extensive training capabilities.  TechWise now offers a variety of serious games that cover everything from...

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Posted by | March 2, 2017
TechWise – Supporting US Army Europe during Exercise Austere Challenge 2017

(Photo Credit: From a U.S. European Command News Release)  TechWise continues to support efforts that will bolster U.S. security interests at home and abroad, and protect military forces. Our efforts...

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