Serious Games + Simulation + Training + Measurement

Organizations of all sizes and industries suffer from lack of reliable measures of success in human performance initiatives resulting in billions of dollars of potential waste and the inability to drive improvements in key priorities:

  • Why have corporate engagement programs failed despite annual investments of over $700B over the past 15 years? Either the employees to be “engaged” don’t know what to do, don’t want to do it because they fear failure, don’t believe the next steps align with their personal goals, or believe their culture punishes change.
  • Why does the U.S. healthcare produce poor outcomes (as measured by health status, infant mortality, primary and acute care) despite spending more than two-and-a-half times more than most developed nations in the world, including France, Sweden and the United Kingdom? In part, these costs are attributed to patients being unclear about their needs, lacking the confidence of assessing those needs or feeling social pressure to “err on the side of caution.” As a result, 70% of doctor visits and up 90% of emergency visits are “medically unnecessary” according to the American Medical Association.
  • Why do companies struggle with executive hiring practices that 40-50% of the time or more in the first 180 days? Because they don’t have clarity re: the criteria for success in those positions, they don’t have any solid data to drive confidence in applying or improving that criteria, or they are under pressure from others to make quick rather than quality decisions.
  • Why do most personal training and weight loss programs fail? Even if the program is based in the most cutting-edge science, whenever people aren’t clear about the next step, they will be overwhelmed and stuck. Even if they know what to do, they often lack confidence in the investment of effort, time and risk. And if they are clear and confident about those next steps but don’t have others to support or share the journey, they are likely to give up.
  • Stress is accelerating — across countries, cultures, socio-economic levels, and ages. The annual cost of stress in the US alone is estimated to be $300BN in healthcare and lost productivity. Despite billions of dollars spent on self-help ($10B US), meditation ($1B) and workplace wellness ($40B) in the US, these programs don’t have a reliable way to demonstrate results.

TechWise helps organizations address these problems through a Behavioral Engagement and Gamification platform that integrates actionable next steps (CLARITY) based on reliable predictive analytics (CONFIDENCE) with social accountability (COLLABORATION) to drive continuous improvement on the journey to extraordinary results.

The platform uses a sequence of real-world behavioral milestones relevant to real-world results. Leveraging lessons from cutting-edge research in behavioral economics with real-time predictive analytics allows clients to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of each path. Completion of behavioral milestones can also be used as a practical measure of engagement and readiness for next steps including internal promotions and succession.

TechWise also has extensive experience in the development and standardization of national qualifications across career fields. Standardization that promotes consistency in training and encourages the interoperability that ultimately results in more effective operations across the safety, security, defense, emergency preparedness, and crisis management (SSDEC) domains.

  • Our consultants and subject matter experts have, on average, over 25 years’ of specialized vocational education and higher education experience in distributed learning, national qualification frameworks, and accreditation.
  • Our subject matter experts are experienced educators, knowledgeable in the creation, submission, and registration of national occupational skills standards (NOSS), occupational profiles, unit standards, and supporting qualifications.
  • Our education consultants and subject matter experts are skilled in establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines for the implementation of credit accumulation and transfer (CATS) and recognition of prior learning (RPL) systems.
  • Our education consultants and subject matter experts establish and build trust-based relationships with our customers through shared visioning and teamwork to ensure you get top-of-the-line results.

TechWise Measurement competencies include:

  • Behavioral Engagement Measurement
  • Designing, developing and implementing Learning Management Systems
  • Registration and Accreditation Programs
  • Recognition of Prior Learning Programs
  • NOSS Development and Registration
  • Course Accreditation and Qualification Delivery Plans
  • Occupational Profile Analysis and Development
  • Educational Research and Benchmarking Studies
  • Career Guidance and Advice Support
  • Education and Training Standards
  • Registration and Licensing Roadmaps