Serious Games + Simulation + Training + Measurement

From corporate training to disaster response preparedness to traditional war gaming by the U.S. military, serious gaming is becoming an ever more popular training tool.

A serious game is one designed to help address serious problems. A well-designed serious game can help stimulate critical and creative thinking in training and education. There are many benefits to be gained from gaming that traditional training methods don’t offer.

Serious games improve engagement, motivation and knowledge retention necessary to create solutions to potential real world problems. Serious gaming also encourages healthy competition within training groups, motivating participants to come up with multiple solutions. Participants can see the real time outcomes of group decisions and receive constant feedback from their instructors during gaming.

Serious gaming is a versatile, high ROI, training solution that can be adapted to meet specific learning requirements. The flexibility allowed by serious gaming makes it a more effective option, especially in areas of training that involve dangerous or complex tasks. Organizations can effectively increase training frequencies and more efficiently tailor training sessions for maximum learning benefits.

Serious games, if designed and used properly, can help create powerful and immersive training experiences to meet mission-critical requirements.

But even the best Serious Game alone is not enough. It’s all about the +’s (Serious Games + Simulation + Training + Measurement).

Techwise has 20+ years of experience in capability development, successfully integrating simulations, gaming and training on over 1000 contracts worldwide.  We are experts in the design, development and use of serious games for both military and civilian organizations.  Our games are easy to learn and simple to use.

And to get the maximum results, Techwise can provide you with a fully developed, integrated training system that tracks training outcomes and builds and sustains operational capability.

TechWise Serious Games include:

  • CyberPro: Cybersecurity for Non-Technical People
  • Force Development
  • Cognitive research for leader development
  • Intelligence analyst training
  • Organizational leader and team training
  • Future military educational and training programs
  • Educational games for high school STEM