Simulation + Training + Measurement

The complexity, cost, and proficiency requirements for the modern world represent a recurring training challenge to preparing individuals and organizations for the uncertainties of today’s evolving operational and competitive environments.

Successful implementation of large-scale, real-time simulation networks have decreased costs, improved realism, and increased training effectiveness.

But even the best Simulation alone is not enough. It’s all about the +’s (Serious Games + Simulation + Training + Measurement).

As new opportunities evolve, simulations paired with complementary training are effective tools to prepare individuals, teams and organizations to confront these challenges.

  • Our consultants and subject matter experts have, on average, over 25 years’ of defense and commercial experience in industries including telecommunications, technology, finance, retail and healthcare.
  • Our subject matter experts are skilled in selecting and assembling simulation components in various combinations to satisfy a wide range of user requirements such as rehearsal exercises, validating doctrines and policies, and assessing individual and team readiness, and developing new capabilities through low-risk experimentation.
  • Our consultants and subject matter experts are skilled in designing scalable scenarios that support a wide variety of training exercises to achieve user-defined training objectives.
  • Our consultants and subject matter experts establish and build trust-based relationships with our customers and through shared visioning and teamwork, setting and achieving high expectations to ensure you get top-of-the-line results.

TechWise Simulations Success Story – Defense

TechWise has the proven ability to develop scalable simulation exercises that integrate the live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) and Gaming domains to create fully immersive and realistic training environments that support user-defined training objectives.

As budgets shrink and adversary capabilities increase operational complexities, it is becoming more difficult and expensive to conduct realistic, effective, and flexible training.

Simulation and Gaming is the future of organizational readiness; providing a fiscally prudent, persistent, scalable, and adaptive education and training environment. An environment, essential to addressing increasing adversary capabilities in our globally connected and volatile world.

TechWise Defense-focused games, enable institutional education, and deliver fully scalable education and training outcomes featuring:

  • Simulation software that can be configured to meet unit requirements;
  • Capability to quickly tailor scenarios to achieve specific training objectives;
  • Capability to track training outcomes to facilitate After Action Reviews;
  • Support for individual and collective unit training, as well as distributed institutional education and training; and
  • A mobile system with the flexibility to drive multi-echelon training in a distributed field environment.

TechWise Simulations and Exercise competencies include:

  • Exercise Design and Scenario Development
  • Exercise Control
  • Command and Control Systems Training
  • After Action Review (AAR) Training
  • Simulation Requirements Development
  • Classifying Models and Simulation (M&S)
  • M&S Interoperability
  • Workforce Training and Collaboration
  • LVC Simulation Architectures
  • Simulation-based Acquisition
  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination